New Research on Autism

As many know, Autism is one of the well-known developmental disability that a child can be diagnosed with. The earliest age a child is diagnosed is at the age of 2 when they are able to communicate and interact with others. Unfortunately, according to the article, it is late by that age to treat children with the disability.

But according to psychologist Heather Cody Hazlett (from the University of North Carolina), her and her colleagues were able to come up with a formula with the use of brain scans to detect/predict autism as early as 6 months. Her formula has not been officially recognized due to limited subjects being used/performed on, but it is this getting us a step forward to help families to be aware of it?

I like this article mostly because it tells the truth about autism. It tells us that although, with the help the media, all the misinformation about autism is getting to many people, this is one of the few articles that I’ve read that tells how it is not a disease, its a disability that CAN BE TREATABLE. The information provided by Hazlett is a step closer to not diagnose so many children with autism.

For more information on Heather Cody Hazlett’s article, click the link below:


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