Suicide Ideation and Attempts and Bullying in Children and Adolescents: Psychiatric and General Population Samples

A correlational study was done by Mayes, Baweja, Calhoun, Syed, Mahr, and Siddiqui (2014), comparing occurrences of suicidal behavior in psychiatric and general population children. The participants were one thousand two hundred ninety-one kids with psychiatric disorders and six hundred fifty-eight general population kids. The kids were all between the ages of 6 to 18 years-old, and had an IQ of 80 or above (Mayes et al., 2014). The kid’s mothers were used to rate their kids using a Pediatric Behavior Scale (PBS). Per Mayes et al. (2014), the PBS included four suicide behavior and bullying items; Suicide ideation, suicide attempts, bullies, and bullied. The main finding of Kolmek et al. (2014), study was that the number of occurrences for bullying, victimization, suicidal ideation and attempts, were higher in the psychiatric kids than the community kids. The victims only and neither victims nor bullies’ groups differences were nonsignificant. As well as there were no differences in the four bullying groups for the control of sadness and conduct problems, and suicide behavior (Mayes et al., 2014).

Dickerson Mayes, S., Baweja, R., Calhoun, S. L., Syed, E., Mahr, F., & Siddiqui, F. (2014). Suicide ideation and attempts and bullying in children and adolescents: Psychiatric and general population samplesCrisis: The Journal of Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention35, 301-309. doi:10.1027/0227-5910/a000264


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