Connect the dots

The reason the title is called connect the dots because on spring break I was able to experience tons of abnormal behaviors in children. Being able to experience it first hand reminded me why this topic was interesting . I was in a classroom with three and four year old preschool children, there was a child in class who seem to be very aggressive to teacher and peers. I started to observe his actions, which were biting peers, wanting to take off his clothes in classroom setting, repeating “I am going to kill myself” and trying to escape classroom. He was very disruptive during any quiet time and when the teacher provided structure in classroom. which led to me thinking can abnormal behaviors be related to some type of mental disorders such as ADAH,personality disorders, and bipolar? It is sad that children are being diagnosed at young ages with mental disorders, but it is possible parents ,counselors  and psychologists could be confusing excessive negative behaviors in children with mental disorders. The child had a lot of abnormal behaviors,so when  his took him to be evaluated  they said he had autism.


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