Jessica who was diagnosed with DID at age six with 5 personalities

I love love loved this video over other videos that I’ve blogged before !

Jessica is a young women who has all males as her personalities but what she calls her ‘alters’. The way she talks about her personalities is so fascinating and also genuine.

One thing ill say that truly caught my attention, and then I wont say anymore so I don’t give the video away, is Jessica also has a boyfriend who is truly accepting of Jess and her DID. The part that caught my attention was the short story her boyfriend told. At one point Jess’s boyfriend had to hang out with Jessica’s ‘alters’ for three weeks because her ‘alters’ were too powerful to get her to come back. That was a really scary time for her boyfriend but Jess now has her personalities under control with medication 🙂


In this video, Jess creates a really fun way to introduce her alters!


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