Binaural Beats

Binaural beats are beats used to help focus, relax, and sleep.  Binaural beats is when you take two pure tones and play them simultaneously; But one beat must play through the right headphone and the other beat must play through the left headphone.  The two beats must be within 10 Hz; For example, if one tone is 520 Hz, the other must be 520 Hz or 540 Hz.  When the two pure tones are played together, the mind forms a third beat.  The tones play between each other creating an illusory third beat.  These beats are believed to help focus, for instance in a later post I made, I discussed how listening to music while doing homework could be a major distraction, but in this case if one were to listen to binaural beats while doing homework, it might actually help.  The beats do not have any words so there is nothing other than the music to listen to and the tones are pure and actually block out surrounding noises allowing for better concentration.

These beats are also used to help sleep.  For instance, some people need the TV on to go to sleep because they like the noise, but if you’re like me, the conversations on TV and loud noises catch my attention and just keep me up.  With Binaural beats you can kill the silence and enjoy a deep sleep.  Binaural beats are believed to help the REM sleep cycle as well.

I caution if you are to try listening to binaural beats, be careful how loud you have the volume on your headphones.  Also the using headphones are recommended, as listening aloud is not as effective as receive each beat individually through each ear.  I have been trying different ways to help sleep and focus and I came across binaural beats a few years ago, I thought it was an interesting idea and had to try it out for myself. It actually helps me sleep because I need sound when I sleep but the TV is too distracting so it is actually useful for me when sleeping.


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