Sex addiction not in the DSM-V

Sex addiction will not be listed in the DSM-V, some therapists believe that taking sex addiction out of the DSM-V isn’t a good idea. Therapists who are for sex addiction not being included in the DSM-V argue that sex addiction is an agenda put forth by “sex-negative” clinicians. Sex addiction therapists, especially aren’t happy because this leaves therapists with very few options to explain the behaviors of a spouse who continually pursues sex outside of the marriage. People are completely disregarding the pain, confusion, trauma, fear and hopelessness experienced by sex addicts and their families. I’m not sure where I stand with sex being an addiction or not. I’ve never met anyone who has the disease. Reading some stories, I can see that people really do suffer but it’s hard to tell if the problem is deeper or if excessive sex is their way of coping. Most of the time, sex addicts have gone through some kind of trauma that triggers excessive, uncontrollable sexual behavior. Do you think sex should be classified as an addiction?


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