Wake up and smell the coffee

How many of you enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning? Many people can’t even start their day without their coffee. Scientists now report that simply inhaling the aroma of coffee alters activity of some genes in the brain. Experiments with laboratory rats showed that when exposed to coffee aroma, changes in the activity and expression of genes and protiens helped reduce the stress of sleep derivation. Coffee is also considered a stress reliever. Therefore, scientists incorporated a stress condition via sleep deprivation of 24 hours in our experimental design with or without the presence of coffee bean aroma to see whether coffee can counteract the effects of stress at the level of gene/protein expression. We all know that a cup of coffee gives us the jolt we need to overcome our natural urges to sleep when tired, and now there’s proof that just smelling the coffee is enough to help us “wake up”.  I find it interesting by simply smelling the aroma of something it can effect you.  this makes sense though if you smelt something gross it might make you feel sick, or if you smell an appetizing smell it might make you hungry.  The mind is influenced and effected in many ways we tend to oversee.


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