A lot of times people ask why others suffer from eating disorders, or why they chose to do this to themselves. What people do not realize is that when a person suffers from this disease they become obsessed with it. Their brain stops functioning correctly and instead of it telling them it’s bad to not eat, or  throw up, or eat too much, it’s telling them the opposite. It’s telling them they need to do these things to survive. People do not choose this life and unfortunately it is often portrayed that way! These people do not want to live this life and often want it to stop but they can’t because it has taken over. People need to stop blaming others and start trying to help those that suffer from this! There is many ways you can help, and many sites and numbers you can call to try and help others.


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  1. Eating disorders are a very real feeling for people that go through them. The only proper treatment is usually being sent away to get help. It is often difficult to attack this without any outside help just because its not possible for the one giving the help to be able to monitor them every second. It is also dangerous in some cases to try to tackle it on your own because if someone is fed too fast after a disorder like this they can get re feeding syndrome, which can actually kill you.

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