Sex addiction movie: Don Jon

Don Jon is a movie about a bartender who is addicted to porn and masturbation. In the film, he ends up meeting a woman that he ends up falling in-love with named Barbra, after dating for a while, Barbra begins to notice his addiction to porn. She catches him watching porn and promises her that he will never look at it again, but the behavior continues. He not only lies about his addiction to Barbra, but also to his priest at confessional. Jon begins to struggle with his sex life with Barbra because he prefers “porn sex” to the actual thing.Once Barbra finally breaks up with him out of frustration, his porn addiction escalates significantly and he is unable to control himself. He then begins to confide in a much older woman who is troubled herself and the relationship turns sexual, not surprisingly. Being with her and sharing his feelings and thoughts, he is able to have a healthy sexual relationship with her and no longer has problems dealing with watching porn at all.

It’s a great movie that explains a lot of the problems sex addicts go through, it’s a must watch! This movie is also on Netflix!


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