Emotional Support

Emotional Support is the ability to show empathy, compassion and genuine concern for another person. Emotional support is a vital part of any real relationship, both people give and receive unconditional emotional support from one another. It’s shows the true, authenticity of the relationship and the connection you and your significant other have.

A relationship warning sign would be: if you and your partner never turn to each other for emotional support. you look to other people first. A healthy relationship means being able to turn to your partner during hard times or really any time and knowing without a doubt that they’ll be there for you. You never want to be in a relationship were you still feel alone.



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  1. Emotional support is so important in any relationship. People are more willing to open up when they know they have the emotional support no matter what they may say. I really like the last paragraph about being able to turn to one another for emotional support. I have been in unhealthy relationships my whole life so I thought it was normal to confide in your friends all the time. But now that I am in a healthy relationship, I realize that you can confide in your significant other as well.

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