Exercise and mental health

Recently I have been discussion leader in my critical thinking in psychology seminar. I am responsible for reading articles on positive psychology and mindfulness. Last week during my power point I discussed being mindful while running. In case you forget the examples I used I stated that in order to be mindful and aware of the exercise you are doing trying focusing on the feeling of your feet hitting the pavement, the feeling of your lungs expanding, and the air moving out of your lungs. Thinking about this made me want to post something no so much about physical exercise but MENTAL exercise. We can exercise our minds into becoming more mindful. This means acknowledging our thoughts and feelings, and acknowledging that we feel that way, but letting it go. If we continue to hold onto those thoughts or feelings and start to suppress it or get angry with yourself, the thoughts or feelings are only going to consume you even more. Below I posted a video that teaches some mental exercises to help someone be more mindful when experiencing anxiety symptoms. Practicing these exercises will help in your overall mental health.


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