What happens when serial killer meets serial killer?


Serial Hitchhiker Killer Meets Hitchhiking Serial Killer in Redditor’s Short Film

I came across this article an new short film about when a hitchhiking serial killer meets another serial killer. This thriller seems really interesting and the dynamic between both characters is really good. It makes you think and analyze what would actually happen if two serial killers came face to face with each other. Do they come together and kill others or do they try and kill each other? The dynamic of sociopaths and when you put two of them together can really be a deadly combination.



  1. WOW, so as soon as I read the title underneath the film my attention was immediately drawn to watch this short film. I think this is such an interesting thought and it really got me to wonder. Could the hitch hiker killer really trust the new guy to not murder her? That was my first thought. Also, this was actually humorous! I would love if you could find actual movies like this? Just an idea for another blog post! I think serial killers are so fascinating as well!

    Great job!

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