Baking as therapy

Here is an artical that talks about another side of art and wellness, culinary art therapy. The lost dicusses why we find enjoyment from baking for ourselves and for others and the benefits it has. I really enjoy baking and so when I read this post I thought it was amazing how it integrated the idea of baking along with art therapy. My favorite qoute from this artical was ““Baking is thinking step-by-step and following the specifics of the here and now, but it’s also thinking about recipes as a whole, the dish as a whole, what are going to do with it, who it’s going to, what time are you sharing it, so baking is a really good way of developing that balance of the moment and the bigger picture,” says Ohana.” The same goes with painting, in our minds we have the idea of what we want our finished product to look like but we need all of the small parts like, brushes, type of paint, different paint colors and a canvas to make our masterpiece a related. We can get such a high form of fulfillment from taking nothing and turning it into something beautiful.



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