It should happen organically..


I came across this quote about remaining friends with an ex after you’ve broken up and I completely agree with it. Some people are capable of still having a friendship with and ex and others are not, but even if thats the case it’s not possible right after the breakup. Things like that take time and they happen naturally, once you’re both over everything that happened and everything that led to the realization that you two didn’t work as a couple. You can’t rush a friendship or communication with an ex because at that point you’re looking to be hurt. You both need time to move on and you might not have had that which is why you still want to keep in touch and have that connection with your ex which will only lead to more pain as you watch your ex moving on.



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  1. I totally agree with this post. When I first broke up with my ex, I honestly had the mindset that we could never even possibly be friends again. It was not until in entire year or two later that we were finally able to really talk things out and become friends. I only think that was even able to happen because we both finally grew apart from one another, and go into other relationships.

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