This Boy Killed Himself Because of This Text. When I Saw What it Read, I Was Shattered

Daniel was a typical high school kid, but he for most of his school career, he was bullied. He was interested in hunting and trapping, and didn’t fit in with a lot of school crowds. The bullying started with words, but progressed to throwing trash at him, punching him in the stomach, and even making him lick a bus window. They looked for any little thing to make his life miserable. One day, Daniel received a text from a bully that said, “Why don’t you take one of your precious guns and do the world a favor and go kill yourself.” Daniel replied, “You won’t have to worry about me anymore. I’m going to go home and kill myself.” The bully texted back, “Put up or shut up.”



  1. This video post was really upsetting. I cannot imagine what that little boy went through. I wish he has someone he could talk to. I think teachers and parents need to be more aware of the signs and what to look for if they suspect a child is starting to withdraw.

  2. It’s so scary to know that kids/people in general can be so cruel that it will drive someone to want to take their own life. This video was so heartbreaking. Something really has to change because its sickening to see/hear about things like this. We have to treat each other better and respect each other.

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