…No One Knows How Close I am to Drowning

I wanted to share this picture, because it accurately depicts a persons daily life. We may see someone who is suffering from anxiety, depression, suicidal ideations, from being bullied, and so much more everyday. But we never stop to think about the different things that might be causing them to feel the way that they do. I thought this picture showed a good representation of just that.




  1. This is not only such a powerful quote, but a powerful picture. I feel a lot of college kids can definitely relate to this. We all try to stay so strong and organized through our class works, social lives, sports, and work. No one feels comfortable enough to complain that they’re drowning because we all feel the same way

  2. This is a very raw and powerful post. Its interesting how a person can seem so happy and okay on the outside but on the inside they have all of these negative thoughts and feelings that no-one else knows about.

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