UCLA sex addiction study

UCLA researchers did a research on sex addiction. They gathered participants who were self proclaimed sex addicts and measured their brain waves by showing them pictures of sexual images. They found that the brain didn’t respond to the sexual images as they predicted it would if they were actually addicted to sex. This also supports the no side of sex addiction.

I am personally indecisive about whether or not sex is considered an addiction. Because of all the readings I’ve done, it makes it hard to make a decision especially since there isn’t too much evidence that supports the yes side argument of sex addiction.

Below shows the brain images done while the sexual images were being shown to participants.



When are recovering sex addicts ready for relationships?

Through the process of a recovering sex addict, addicts begin to develop self-awarness, deeper empathy and understanding for themselves and others. They begin to develop a sense of self worthiness and confidence which allows them to become vulnerable to others and open to have healthier relationships with other people. Therapy really helps those who suffer from the addiction. I believe that sex addiction stems from a deeper place in an individuals life, and through therapy there are able to find out what that problem is and tackle it.

Sex addiction movie: Don Jon

Don Jon is a movie about a bartender who is addicted to porn and masturbation. In the film, he ends up meeting a woman that he ends up falling in-love with named Barbra, after dating for a while, Barbra begins to notice his addiction to porn. She catches him watching porn and promises her that he will never look at it again, but the behavior continues. He not only lies about his addiction to Barbra, but also to his priest at confessional. Jon begins to struggle with his sex life with Barbra because he prefers “porn sex” to the actual thing.Once Barbra finally breaks up with him out of frustration, his porn addiction escalates significantly and he is unable to control himself. He then begins to confide in a much older woman who is troubled herself and the relationship turns sexual, not surprisingly. Being with her and sharing his feelings and thoughts, he is able to have a healthy sexual relationship with her and no longer has problems dealing with watching porn at all.

It’s a great movie that explains a lot of the problems sex addicts go through, it’s a must watch! This movie is also on Netflix!

Sex addiction not in the DSM-V

Sex addiction will not be listed in the DSM-V, some therapists believe that taking sex addiction out of the DSM-V isn’t a good idea. Therapists who are for sex addiction not being included in the DSM-V argue that sex addiction is an agenda put forth by “sex-negative” clinicians. Sex addiction therapists, especially aren’t happy because this leaves therapists with very few options to explain the behaviors of a spouse who continually pursues sex outside of the marriage. People are completely disregarding the pain, confusion, trauma, fear and hopelessness experienced by sex addicts and their families. I’m not sure where I stand with sex being an addiction or not. I’ve never met anyone who has the disease. Reading some stories, I can see that people really do suffer but it’s hard to tell if the problem is deeper or if excessive sex is their way of coping. Most of the time, sex addicts have gone through some kind of trauma that triggers excessive, uncontrollable sexual behavior. Do you think sex should be classified as an addiction?

Is sex addiction an excuse for men to cheat?

Sex addiction for men is always questionable, especially for the ones who are in committed relationships. Some people believe that sex addiction is used as an excuse for both gender (especially men) to cheat. For example, when more than a dozen women came out about having sexual relations with golf star, Tiger Woods, he was a claimed sex addict. It leaves you to think, “would he have continued to commit adultery if these women didn’t come out with the truth”?, “Is he truly regretful for his actions”. Many questions will rise at the fact that he is suddenly a self proclaimed sex addiction. He obviously had to give the people something because he definitely wasn’t getting away with this one.

What do you think? Is sex addiction an excuse for men to cheat?

Meet Jane: recovering sex addict.

“I learned that sex equaled love, as long as I was willing to give it, I wouldn’t be alone.”(Jane)

Jane was seven years when her sex addiction started, she discovered a box of dusty porn tapes underneath her bed and saw the images of busty women with men worshiping them excited her. She wanted to be just like the women she saw in the pictures. She enjoyed looking at those tapes far more than watching cartoons like any other seven year old girl. When she was fourteen, she had her first boyfriend, and was able to preform sexual acts on him. She felt just like the women in the tapes and porn that she had been watching over the years and knew that it was because of the sex that he was with her, she believed that sex equaled love. As she grew older and had many more boyfriends, she felt that her duty was to make sure her partner was satisfied with sexual acts and felt that if she wasn’t giving him what he wanted, that he would leave her and she would be alone. Which was what she as afraid of the most-being alone. At the age of 18, she was raped by an ex and her sex addiction began to spiral. She wanted sex all the time and didn’t care where it was from. She wanted to regain the control she lost after the assault. She slept with men to feel validated. Her sex addiction became to spiral even more and she began to have sex with people she found on the internet. Her sister felt unsafe living with her because of the many people she had in and out of the apartment they shared. Her family then sent her to rehab for sex addiction. Although she still craves sex on a daily bases, she is recovering day by day and learning a lot about herself. She is realizing the she is unable to have sex in a healthy way and feels like being in a relationship right now will make her vulnerable. She knows that finding peace with her self will take time and she’s willing to wait.


What is sex addiction?

I’m sure you’ve all heard of sex addiction a couple times before, here is a little more information about sexual addiction!

Sex addiction is a progressive intimacy disorder characterized by compulsive sexual thoughts and acts despite negative consequences. Sexual addiction is also known as hypersexual disorder.

Eventually sexual desires become more important than family, career, and even personal health and safety. The more a sex addict becomes more preoccupied with sex, the more they want it more and it takes more of their time and energy. Sex addicts can begin to act out on their desires which can put them in a lot of danger because it can come between marriages, relationships, family members and even make one spend excessive amounts of money of watching pornography.

There are different types of sex addiction, compulsive masturbation, anonymous sex, obsessive dating, compulsive use of pornography, risky or unsafe sex, cyybersex and more.