Can Serial Killers be Cured?

This article talks about whether or not serial killers can be cured on a psychological level. The psychologists who looked at the serial killers believes that they can not be cured.

What do you guys think? Can serial killers be cured?


How did they get away with it?

This article is about the most famous cases of serial killers who somehow managed to get away with murder. These cases were high profile murders.  The police were never able to catch these serial killers. This leaves many questions and distress for the public. How could this many serial killers get away with this many murders? And what can police and the public do to stop these monsters?

Serial Killer Movies: Good or Bad?


As I talked about in my presentation, Hollywood loves to take stories about serial murderers and dramatize and glorify the events that have happened. It seemed that many of you, and Dr. Roberts were unsure of how they would feel if there family members murder was then turned into a movie. This movie, American Psycho is based on real events and real murders. So the question is, how would you feel if your family members murder was turned into a Hollywood movie?

What happens when serial killer meets serial killer?


Serial Hitchhiker Killer Meets Hitchhiking Serial Killer in Redditor’s Short Film

I came across this article an new short film about when a hitchhiking serial killer meets another serial killer. This thriller seems really interesting and the dynamic between both characters is really good. It makes you think and analyze what would actually happen if two serial killers came face to face with each other. Do they come together and kill others or do they try and kill each other? The dynamic of sociopaths and when you put two of them together can really be a deadly combination.

Mental Illness & Serial Killers

The article above talks about what goes wrong in the brain of a serial killer. It shows the abnormalities in many parts of the brain compared to “normal” people. It talks about actual brain scans and brains that have been looked at of serial killers who have died. I thought this article was really interesting, and goes into detail about the brain of a serial killer.

The cold snowy weather that has been brought to our area today was a perfect opening to this weeks topic, Cold Cases. Cold cases are those cases that go unsolved, but not only that they become cold because the police and detectives have no other leads. There is nothing else to investigate and there for the investigation process stops. This article is about a serial killer who was a drifter in the New Hampshire area who authorities are now looking at to the murder of at least 5 cold cases. Hope you enjoy on this cold day!

Serial Killer Clusters

As if the thought of one serial killer in your town was bad enough, could you imagine having three or four in the span of a few years? That is the reality for Long Island New York. Investigators are trying to figure out why this town has become filled with crime scenes and victims of serial murders. This article tells of a few different serial killers who are believed to live on Long Island and use this town as their hunting ground for victims.