…No One Knows How Close I am to Drowning

I wanted to share this picture, because it accurately depicts a persons daily life. We may see someone who is suffering from anxiety, depression, suicidal ideations, from being bullied, and so much more everyday. But we never stop to think about the different things that might be causing them to feel the way that they do. I thought this picture showed a good representation of just that.



This Boy Killed Himself Because of This Text. When I Saw What it Read, I Was Shattered

Daniel was a typical high school kid, but he for most of his school career, he was bullied. He was interested in hunting and trapping, and didn’t fit in with a lot of school crowds. The bullying started with words, but progressed to throwing trash at him, punching him in the stomach, and even making him lick a bus window. They looked for any little thing to make his life miserable. One day, Daniel received a text from a bully that said, “Why don’t you take one of your precious guns and do the world a favor and go kill yourself.” Daniel replied, “You won’t have to worry about me anymore. I’m going to go home and kill myself.” The bully texted back, “Put up or shut up.”

Suicidal vs. Suicide

This goes to show how big of a difference two simple words can have but they have the same meaning. What would you guys do in a situation like this? If someone came up to you and told you they had suicidal feelings, would you tell them that it would pass in time and not give them the time of day? Why is it only okay to be sincere and sympathetic to those who have attempted suicide? I don’t think it’s fair that those who have suicidal feelings aren’t given the same amount of sympathy for what they are going through. They are talking about it and basically low-key screaming for help.


Cyber Bulling and Suicide

Cyber bullying is another form of bullying that is more prevalent due increased access to cell phones and the Internet. About 42 per cent of youth report being bullied online. Approximately 69 per cent of teens own their own computer, cell phone, and use social media.

infographicAn average teen often sends 60 text messages a day. These are around double the rates for adults. Girls in the age group of 14 to 16 years old text often send 100 messages a day. Over 7.5 million Facebook users are under 13 years old. Over 81 per cent of teens admit that bullying is easier to get away with online. About 20 per cent of kids that are cyber bullied think about suicide.