Eating disorders are a serious issue in today’s society but it is something that is often over looked. With all of social media women are constantly told what to wear and how to look. They are told that if they are too fat or too skinny they won’t be liked, and they won’t fit in with everyone else. The media plays a big part in eating disorders because women feel that they need to look like the women on tv or in magazines, when that is not the case. Women come in all shapes and sizes and are beautiful no matter what, but a lot of times people forget that. I think we need to raise more awareness for this disease as technogoly and media continue to grow!


IMG_8940Many people don’t know the warning signs of somebody that is suffering from an eating disorder. They try and hide it so well so nobody finds out. Its hard to know, but if you ever come across someone with an eating disorder, or someone you think that might be suffering from one, talk to them. Let them know you are there to listen, and be their friend. let them know they are not alone, and they have someone to lean on!


I think that eating disorders is a disease that is often over looked. We look at it as a choice when in reality it is everything but that. These people suffer from this disease but can’t get help because their brain is telling that what they are doing is ok. NEDA is national eating disorder association, and their main goal is to help those with these diseases. They work with the development of the brain, and how to fix it. It’s a great organization. Down below is a link to their website, click it and explore the possibility of how you can help others with these diseases! Thank you!¬†


A lot of times people ask why others suffer from eating disorders, or why they chose to do this to themselves. What people do not realize is that when a person suffers from this disease they become obsessed with it. Their brain stops functioning correctly and instead of it telling them it’s bad to not eat, or ¬†throw up, or eat too much, it’s telling them the opposite. It’s telling them they need to do these things to survive. People do not choose this life and unfortunately it is often portrayed that way! These people do not want to live this life and often want it to stop but they can’t because it has taken over. People need to stop blaming others and start trying to help those that suffer from this! There is many ways you can help, and many sites and numbers you can call to try and help others.