These are all of the available resources available to patients of hospice as well as their families. Not included on this wheel is bereavement counselor who checks in with the family for up to a year after the death.


What is Hospice really about?

I recently started volunteering at Compassionate Care Hospice, and I have already learned so much more than I ever thought I would. When most people think of hospice, they think of death and dying. I was the same exact way. However, my viewpoint has now changed. Hospice care is not about the patient who is dying. It is about helping them live. It is helping them live the rest of their life with dignity, respect and without pain, no matter how short that may be. It’s about helping the family and patient come to terms with their reality. Hospice does so much more for people than I had ever even realized they did. They bring families back together, they provide support services for patients and families, they send patients on vacations, etc. They try so hard to help patients feel happy and loved in their final days. It is so much more than just taking care of a person who is dying.

Hospice House

This is a video I found that talks about a hospice house from a family perspective. In my opinion, hospice houses are an amazing idea. The purpose of this kind of house is to help these patients and their families with anything they could need. It is a place where families can come and just be with their family member instead of having to constantly worry about different things. You’ll see in the video that many of the families could feel the stress fall away when they walked through the doors, because everything was being taken care of. More houses like this could definitely benefit both the patient and family.

What is hardest on family members?

Death and dying

Have you ever had a family member that has died? Did you have to watch them get sicker and sicker until their death? Excuse my bluntness, but did you and your family have to watch them slowly die? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, think about some of the following things. What kind of effect did that have on your family? What kind of effect did that have on you?

A hospice team gets called in for patient when they have 6 or less months left to live. Many people worry about the patient on hospice care and how it will affect them because they are the one’s who are dying. What many people don’t think about is the effect this can have on the family. Having to sit by and watch their family member get sicker and sicker, knowing they are dying. This can certainly take its toll on families as I have witnessed it many times.