Can Serial Killers be Cured?

This article talks about whether or not serial killers can be cured on a psychological level. The psychologists who looked at the serial killers believes that they can not be cured.

What do you guys think? Can serial killers be cured?


UCLA sex addiction study

UCLA researchers did a research on sex addiction. They gathered participants who were self proclaimed sex addicts and measured their brain waves by showing them pictures of sexual images. They found that the brain didn’t respond to the sexual images as they predicted it would if they were actually addicted to sex. This also supports the no side of sex addiction.

I am personally indecisive about whether or not sex is considered an addiction. Because of all the readings I’ve done, it makes it hard to make a decision especially since there isn’t too much evidence that supports the yes side argument of sex addiction.

Below shows the brain images done while the sexual images were being shown to participants.


How did they get away with it?

This article is about the most famous cases of serial killers who somehow managed to get away with murder. These cases were high profile murders.  The police were never able to catch these serial killers. This leaves many questions and distress for the public. How could this many serial killers get away with this many murders? And what can police and the public do to stop these monsters?

More on Art therapy and Healing!

Not only does art therapy address mental illness it also attempts to address one of the root causes of mental distress, aka trauma. The article below talks about art therapies affect on coping with trauma. The author of the article, Douglass Mitchell states that, “those who have experienced trauma, art therapy is one that has been proven by a number of studies to be effective in dealing with the aftereffects of trauma.” Read more below!

Art Therapy and healing!

Here’s is a really interesting blog article I found on how art therapy is a linked treatment for Alzheimer’s. The intro states “Art therapy has proven to be a powerful tool for treating Alzheimer’s disease. More than giving patients something pretty to look at or an exercise to keep them busy, it stimulates the brain. It stirs memories and can bring language back into the life of someone who struggles to speak. ” I hope you will read more of the topic using the link below.

Serial Killer Movies: Good or Bad?


As I talked about in my presentation, Hollywood loves to take stories about serial murderers and dramatize and glorify the events that have happened. It seemed that many of you, and Dr. Roberts were unsure of how they would feel if there family members murder was then turned into a movie. This movie, American Psycho is based on real events and real murders. So the question is, how would you feel if your family members murder was turned into a Hollywood movie?