Signs of OCD

Image result for ocd┬áThese signs of someone with OCD may or may not be noticeable by other people. It all depends on the frequency and actions being performed. It may not be noticed by people who aren’t very close with someone with OCD. These are signs to look for in situations.


OCD and Anxiety

This video explains how OCD and anxiety go hand in hand and relate to one another. The video gives great examples to better understand what defines anxiety disorder. It talks about the basics and how OCD stems from anxiety amongst going more in detail about anxiety disorders, the feelings, and behaviors.


This video is a powerful poem of a man falling in love with a woman. She accepted him and loved him for who he is, but then later on found his ways to be annoying and couldn’t take being with him any longer because of his OCD. The woman he fell in love with, ended up finding someone else and he found it eating at him because he still loves her.