Pet Therapy Stats

Here is an image that I liked because it listed some people that pet therapy can really benefit. Although there are people listed here, I feel that pet therapy can benefit even more people and positively impact their health and well-being.


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Pet Therapy Video

This is another great video of the impact of pet therapy. I especially liked how the one woman explained that she likes when a pet comes to visit because it makes her feel comfortable in a place that isn’t so comfortable. The positivity that pet therapy can have on an individual can really help benefit their treatment and that is something that is so special.


More About Pet Therapy

I really like this image because it discussed some of the things I have been talking about throughout my blog; however, in a picture form. I found it interesting how it stated that a therapy dog needs training and I definitely agree with this fact. While official therapy dogs do need training, I feel that every pet provides some form of therapy for people.


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Who Needs Who?

In a lot of my blogs, I discuss all the things that a pet can do for a person; however, there are also many ways that a person can impact an animal. Please answer this poll and state who needs who more.




Pets and Mental Illness

Here is another article about the positive effects that a pet can have on an individual with a mental disorder. In the article, it is explained that having a mental disorder comes with the feeling of loneliness. A pet is a great way to stop feeling alone. A pet is someone that will always be there to love, and they can make anyone feel better. In a study performed, participants were asked to explain where pets are in a diagram rating the importance of people, places and things in that individual’s life. Most of the participants rated that pets go along with some of the most important things in their lives. People don’t feel judged by their pets and they explain that they like how they have a companion that doesn’t care about their past or anything they might have done as a result of their mental illness.

Caleb’s Story

This was a very powerful story about a boy named Caleb who was in a head on car crash and suffered a traumatic brain injury. He had to go through extreme therapy and a dog was brought in to help. It was amazing to see the difference a dog could make for a boy like Caleb. He became so much more aware and alert when the dog was around and performed better during therapy. His father explained that when a dog is brought into a hospital, the hospital then becomes a play area. I liked how Caleb’s father stated this because I feel that bringing a pet into any situation can really brighten a mood and help people to think more positively and this will¬†begin to affect their everyday life in a positive way.


Pet Therapy Article

This was a very interesting article that discussed more benefits of pet therapy and all the different ways that it can help an individual. It also talked about the differences between Animal Assisted therapy and Service animals. It explains that service animals are protected under the American Disabilities Act. Theses animals also live with their owners who have some type disability. Animals with pet therapy work with clients and professionals.