Mental Illness & Serial Killers

The article above talks about what goes wrong in the brain of a serial killer. It shows the abnormalities in many parts of the brain compared to “normal” people. It talks about actual brain scans and brains that have been looked at of serial killers who have died. I thought this article was really interesting, and goes into detail about the brain of a serial killer.


The cold snowy weather that has been brought to our area today was a perfect opening to this weeks topic, Cold Cases. Cold cases are those cases that go unsolved, but not only that they become cold because the police and detectives have no other leads. There is nothing else to investigate and there for the investigation process stops. This article is about a serial killer who was a drifter in the New Hampshire area who authorities are now looking at to the murder of at least 5 cold cases. Hope you enjoy on this cold day!

The Zodiac Killer

The Zodiac killer is one of the most famous serial killers to ever live, and never be caught. This trailer gives you a look into the entire unsolved case of the Zodiac killer and his crimes. What made this case more famous then the others is the joy ride he took the media, police, and the entire country one while he brutally murdered at least 37 people. This case fascinated everyone who can across  it. How could someone do these murders, toy with the police and media, and never make enough mistakes to incriminate himself. This case managed  to take the entire country on a roller coaster of fear and terror. This is a prime example of just how terrifying serial killers can be.

Posted above is a short video about the myths and facts of serial killers. There has never been a population of people who has fascinated Hollywood and scared cities more than the most notorious serial killers of our time. Choosing between fact and fiction ha tantalized people all over the world, and when it comes to the movies the scarier the better. So here is a look at the 5 most popular myths about serial killers, and what is actually true.