How did they get away with it?

This article is about the most famous cases of serial killers who somehow managed to get away with murder. These cases were high profile murders.  The police were never able to catch these serial killers. This leaves many questions and distress for the public. How could this many serial killers get away with this many murders? And what can police and the public do to stop these monsters?



Eating disorders are a serious issue in today’s society but it is something that is often over looked. With all of social media women are constantly told what to wear and how to look. They are told that if they are too fat or too skinny they won’t be liked, and they won’t fit in with everyone else. The media plays a big part in eating disorders because women feel that they need to look like the women on tv or in magazines, when that is not the case. Women come in all shapes and sizes and are beautiful no matter what, but a lot of times people forget that. I think we need to raise more awareness for this disease as technogoly and media continue to grow!

…No One Knows How Close I am to Drowning

I wanted to share this picture, because it accurately depicts a persons daily life. We may see someone who is suffering from anxiety, depression, suicidal ideations, from being bullied, and so much more everyday. But we never stop to think about the different things that might be causing them to feel the way that they do. I thought this picture showed a good representation of just that.


More on Art therapy and Healing!

Not only does art therapy address mental illness it also attempts to address one of the root causes of mental distress, aka trauma. The article below talks about art therapies affect on coping with trauma. The author of the article, Douglass Mitchell states that, “those who have experienced trauma, art therapy is one that has been proven by a number of studies to be effective in dealing with the aftereffects of trauma.” Read more below!

Art Therapy and healing!

Here’s is a really interesting blog article I found on how art therapy is a linked treatment for Alzheimer’s. The intro states “Art therapy has proven to be a powerful tool for treating Alzheimer’s disease. More than giving patients something pretty to look at or an exercise to keep them busy, it stimulates the brain. It stirs memories and can bring language back into the life of someone who struggles to speak. ” I hope you will read more of the topic using the link below.