Cure for Cancer

This is a very good video that explains in detail why there’s no actual cure for cancer. I really enjoyed watching this video because it showed many different graphics to help you really see how things go. I learned that although cancers may look the same on the outside people who go through cancer still go through different things on the inside because it all really just depends on the person. That is why even though people can have the same type of cancer and same treatment, but yet both won’t reach that recovery stage all because it really does just matter the person.


Can We Truly “Cure” Cancer?

I atcually came across a article that talked about being able to find a cure in cancer. It was stated in the article that Cancer will remain part of the human condition but the biggest goal now is to just be able to really tame it. The ending quote on this article was “I hope people don’t think the cure is right around the corner but I do think there’s reason for optimism,” Allison says. “To use a Texas term, we finally have purchase on it.” This quote stood out to me because it really does give me hope, that one day Cancer will have a real cure !


I asked this poll because we continue to see so many people get cancer. Either they die from it, survive from it, or they continue to get rid of it but then it still comes back. I just want to know that by all the technology we have now a days, will it be possible to finally find a complete cure to all cancers, so people can finally stop suffering.

Cancer Survivor

I actually came across another blog that was mainly for people that have survived cancer. In which I came about this beautiful picture that describes the whole recovery stage from cancer. On this particular blog, the person who posted this picture told their story and said what the word “survivor actually means to them.

Study on Self-Identity After Cancer

This article is about a study that was done on middle aged people that recently experienced having cancer. It was said that living through cancer often involves developing new identities which may strongly influence well-being and relationships with care providers, yet little is currently known about these post-cancer identities which are (patient, person who has had cancer, victim, and survivor). This was a very interesting study with very interesting results.


This is by far my favorite quote. Cancer is such a big fight that a person goes through, I can truly say that beings tho it did not kill a person it had to make them stronger. Each and everyday I look at my nephew and i know that from him having cancer it has only made him stronger and much more wiser, and he’s only two. So I can only imagine how an adult that is recovering from cancer would be.

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