The power of media

As our blog is coming to an end, I want to highlight a more general understanding of the media and the power that it has to promote positivity or negative, or to have a negative or positive affect. I hope that by looking at my blog post everyone has gotten a better understanding of the different areas that media can effect and have strong influence upon. However, although the media is very powerful, we ultimately have the power to influence what the media portrays. The different areas of the media portray what they believe what the consumer wants see. Therefore, we have the power. As a society, we must acknowledge our responsibility to hold the media accountable and ensure that it is educating the public in an effective way.

How are people with mental illness portrayed in the media?

The truth about individuals with mental illness

My previous post discussed an article about a shooting that occurred in 2014 and it’s relation to mental illness. Often times, individuals with mental illness such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and dissociative identity disorder are often portrayed as violent, crazy, and/or dangerous. However, that is not a accurate dicription of individuals with mental illness. The video below discusses the struggles of individuals with mental illness due to the stigma they face, and gives a more accurate description of individuals with mental illness. Let me know your thoughts and opinions.

mental illness in the media

So far I have talked about immigrants in the media, positive vs. negative message framing, advertising in the media, and the different ways to effectively advertise. Now I would like to take a look at the way mental illness is framed in the media. The link above talks about a shooting that occurred in 2014 and the role that mental illness played in that shooting. One of the statements in the article reads “The vast majority of people with Asperger’s are law-abiding citizens that don’t act violently against others…. It’s highly unlikely Asperger’s alone would explain these violent acts.” If this is the case, why is that news outlets are so quick to label violent acts, such as this shooting, as being the result of mental illness? I would like everyone to keep that question in mind when they watch the video. I would also like everyone to take into consideration the situational factors that may have contributed to the man’s act of violence.