Qualities x Healthy Relationships

One very important rule when establishing a healthy relationship: Discuss things with one another, allow for differences of opinion and compromise equally.

I had to learn that compromise really is necessary in a relationship, my boyfriend and I are very different people, we have different opinions, we go about doing things differently and we are both very stubborn. But we realized in order for our relationship to work we had to respect those differences and compromise in a way that’s fair for the both of us so that no one feels like they’re being treated unfairly.



A healthy relationship..

I really love this quote because this is really what a healthy relationship is all about, uplifting one another and helping each other become a better you, the best version of you! Throughout all the trials and tribulations that a relationship entails the bigger picture is to always love and support each other to the fullest and want whats best for one another.

It should happen organically..


I came across this quote about remaining friends with an ex after you’ve broken up and I completely agree with it. Some people are capable of still having a friendship with and ex and others are not, but even if thats the case it’s not possible right after the breakup. Things like that take time and they happen naturally, once you’re both over everything that happened and everything that led to the realization that you two didn’t work as a couple. You can’t rush a friendship or communication with an ex because at that point you’re looking to be hurt. You both need time to move on and you might not have had that which is why you still want to keep in touch and have that connection with your ex which will only lead to more pain as you watch your ex moving on.


Remaining friends x Exes

The topic of whether or not it’s ok to stay friends with your ex isn’t a simple yes or no answer, it depends on the people, the relationship, the way and reason it ended and much more. Some people will say you can definitely stay friends with your ex while others think it’s best to cut all communication off completely. You really just have to be honest with yourself as to why you actually want to stay friends when the relationship has ended. Do you believe you both are just mature enough to still have a friendship even after breaking up or do you have an ulterior motive like possibly rekindling the relationship or still having that emotional support. Here is an article that gets more detailed about the topic of remaining friends with your ex after a breakup and why it might not be such a good idea.

I hope you find it interesting!


Importance of Trust

Trust is such an important component of any healthy relationship, but especially romantic ones because trust is the basis of it. Everything builds off of the trust you and your partner have for one another. Trust in a relationship is like a safety net, you feel confident that the other person will be there for you, you can rely on them, confide in them, and you know that they would never do anything to purposely hurt you. That is why it’s so important not to destroy that trust because sometimes you can’t repair it and other times people try but it’s not an easy or quick process. You don’t regain trust overnight and sometimes it’s never like it once was because now its fragile and uncertain…the safety net isn’t there anymore.